Time to "Expand" My Universe...

Well, a new opportunity has come my way...

For the homeschool "season" of 2010-2011...

(I say "season" because all of us homeschoolers
seem to be on different yearly schooling schedules-
one of the beauties of homeschooling!)
...I will be apart of
This Old Schoolhouse's
Review Crew!

I am honored.

One of the perks of being apart of
"The Crew"
is expanding my universe in the homeschooling community...

Therefore, I will be joining other ship mates and begin
exploring some new blogs...

Come with me, if you dare...

1. Reaping a Harvest
2. Pink & Orange Coffee
3. Live, Laugh, Learn!
4. Mrs. Mandy's Musings
5. Refined Metals Academy
6. Just A Moment in Time
7. Providence Farm
8. My Journey
9. Petra School

(I was listed as #10 in this group of bloggers,
so please excuse the odd number!)


  1. Hey nice to *meet* you!!I am also new to the Crew! Sooo excited to be a part of it aw well!! I'm following your blog!!

  2. Congratulations! I hadn't heard you'd made it in. I'm really curious to see a list of who made it in for the whole list, but until I find that, I'll just have to be patient.

  3. Ok. I love ya already. Too funny! Thanks for stopping by! I had already "followed" you a couple of days ago. . . .

  4. Welcome to the Crew! I think I'm going to send my 5 year old to live with you for the year...she would love all your activities.

  5. Thanks for the water bottle offer! IT will be a fun voyage this year!

  6. Great to meet you! I'm looking forward to a great year!

  7. I love the Americana theme on your blog! Looks like my house! :o) I'm new to the crew this year and I'm just checking out all the blogs! So happy to meet you!

  8. Oh, I am SO going to use the homeschool season phrase! That is excellent.

  9. I found you, Wonder Mom!!!!! I know you've commented on my blog many times and the adorable picture of your little one always makes me smile. I've been meaning to track you down forever. I'm on the TOS Crew-Older Group this year! I hopped to your blog as part of the blog hop going on at the TOS forum and was so happy to see a familiar face.

    Good to see you! It's neat that we're both on TOS Crew.


  10. Congratulations on making the Crew. You're blog is great. I'm looking forward to reading it more throughout the year.

    Tim @ Families Again

  11. Congrats! I'm on the older crew this year but I also have a bunch of little ones.

    I'm visiting from the crew forum blog walk. It's nice to meat you!

  12. Oh thanks for having me on your blog walk. I love your theme and name, we are huge comic/sci fi/gamer geeks here, lol!

  13. Visiting from the Crew Blog Walk!

    Love the Americana theme to your blog! And the rocket sprinkler looks FUN!

    Looking forward to getting to know you!

  14. Hi! It is nice to meet you. I am also on the TOS crew this year. I am looking forward to it!!!

  15. I absolutely LOVE that buzz lightyear sprinkler. I think with a house full of boys they would LOVE that.. I will have to go on the hunt for it now :) Stopping by from the TOS Crew.. Looking forward to getting to know you this year.. Love your background!

  16. Hello fellow crew mate. I enjoyed visiting your blog today!

  17. Enjoying your blog - Love the Underoos on Wonder Mom. I had a pair of those too. I plan to take the kiddos to see Toy Story 3, too. I NEVER go to movies; figured I should go all out with the 3D bit. Looking forward to the upcoming "season." :o)