Homeschooling 101- Reflection Time

Today I had the opportunity,
along with about 8 other people,
to share the curriculum I teach on daily basis.

This "curriculum fair" of sorts
lets those who are interested in joining the adventure of homeschooling
come, browse, and ask questions.
While setting up for the event, I realized something...
We've been BUSY this year!

Many times during this first full year of homeschooling
I have doubted my abilities as a teacher.

Am I "structured" enough?
Do I teach the right "stuff"?
Will Baby Girl EVER begin reading?Can Little Wild Man learn to play more quietly so his sisters can focus?
Am I challenging Jungle Girl "enough"?

Will I E-V-E-R get the laundry finished?!?!?

(This is a bit of a tangent, but my laundering skills HAVE been affected by our homeschooling schedule...not that I have EVER been THAT consistent with this chore!)

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that in spite of my doubts,
imperfections, and lack of laundry skills,
I believe we HAVE and are CONTINUING to LEARN.

With days full of Bible lessons and prayers for different peoples...
Counting up the days we have been homeschooling
and watching the weather...
Learning about the different people
whose actions in the past affect our present...
Finding fun ways to "play" with numbers and the alphabet...
Working on reading readiness...
Loving the way the English language works...
and experimenting with all the aspects of the world around us...
God is giving us the wings we need to fly-



  1. I think I heard trumpets in the background when I read this post! Loved it!

  2. Many days, I hear one lone trumpet playing "taps"... ;0)

  3. How much do I love that you've blogged about HS 101 already?

  4. Sounds like you've had an excellent beginning!

  5. I have that same contractions file folder game for my dear daughter. She loves it.

    It is amazing what we actually have after a year of teaching. I have been cleaning, organizing, and getting ready for next year.

    Pretty cool to see what has been accomplished and so rewarding also!!!!

  6. (I got it up quickly for YOU "Small World!")

  7. What a fun collection of pictures and comments. Okay, I really loved the pictures, I love seeing what others are using.