The Valentine Man

Since it is the last day of January today,
the kiddos and I decided to get the
homeschool room ready for
Valentine's Day...
I had this sweet story stashed away in my teacher files
about a heart who wanted to share love with the world.

However, he needed a body to do such a thing, so...

The kiddos had to make him one!Supplies we used for this craft were:

2 Hearts (size: 4 inches)
5 Hearts (size: 1.5 inches)
4 strips of paper (size: 1 inch x 6 inches)

Give your Valentine Man a face on one of the 4 inch hearts,
and glue the other 4 inch heart to it to make a body.
Use an accordion fold and crease all the strips of paper,
attaching a small heart to each strip...
which will form arms and legs for the Valentine Man.

Glue them to the body...

(I PROMISE you, we used non-toxic glue...)

Add the last small heart to his body,
and your Valentine Man is complete!

Please, let me introduce you to...

(I'm just so flattered to have such a work of art named after me!)