Little Love Notes

We have been busy getting ready for Valentine's Day.

Some people say it is a holiday fabricated by greeting card companies,
but I scoff in their general direction.

I mean, Valentine's Day is an awesome holiday-
when else do people feel so inclined to send
each other love notes?

The world can use all the love it can get...

So we made mailboxes for our Love Notes.
I found these cute little mailboxes in Target's $1 section,
and using some leftover Valentine's Day supplies...

The kiddos and I got to craftin'!
(Really, as I said in an earlier post,
NOTHING toxic was used in the making of this craft,
regardless of what Baby Girl's face looks like in this picture...)

These are the two I decorated for myself and my husband...
My Mailbox
Super Dad's Mailbox

I set them up on the hutch in our entry way...
...along with a stash of leftover Valentines.
Now, for the month of February,
we can send little Love Notes to each other!
(Oh goody! It looks like I already got one!)


  1. im just going to have to stop reading your blogs.. theyre so cute they make me nauseas. :] or maybe jealous.. same thing!

  2. I am always amazed at the fantastic buys people keep finding in the dollar section at target (we don't have such a section in our local target store). Those mailboxes are gorgeous.

    I have a list of stuff we need to pick up tomorrow at the shops for some of our Valentine's Day crafting and mailboxes is on my list.

    I imagine that the love notes will come thick and fast now that you have such an awesome set up.

  3. oh what a great idea. also. i'd probably send myself love notes. things like... "my dearest, i love you, don't worry about dinner tonight. we'll get take out". then. i'd sign my hubby's name. i'm a pretty good forger-er.

  4. I love the mailbox idea. It is great you made one for everyone.

  5. We made Valentine mailboxes too! The kids are loving it!

  6. This is a great idea! Everyone loves to get little love notes!

  7. I love how you have them all lined up like that! They turned out awesome! I also bought one for my son... planning to do thumbprint art on his!

  8. Very cute idea! I love the love note idea! We are doing these boxes too! Using them today at our Valentine's Day Party for my kids to get their Valentine's from their friends. To see ours: