Christmas Cardboard Carolers Tutorial

When I saw these "Cardboard Carolers" in Family Fun Magazine, I knew the kiddos and I had to make them for our home!
First, we gathered up all the supplies:
Toilet paper tubes
Tempera Paint
Sponge Brushes
Old Kiddie Socks
Craft Glue
"Fleshy Colored" Construction Paper
Some Type of Pink or Red Crayon/Chalk
Sheet Music (We printed ours onto card stock from the Internet)

First, the kiddos painted their Toilet Paper Tubes.

While we waited for them to dry, we got to work on the other pieces of the carolers.
I cut the socks' feet off, which I used to cut mittens from. The top part of the sock we used for the carolers hats.
Time to make some faces! I used a small tea cup and traced it onto the construction paper to make the faces.
After the faces were cut out, the kiddos drew some of their own faces onto the circles (with singing mouths, of course!).
To give the carolers rosie cheeks (and noses, my kiddos decided), they used the crayon.
Since the toilet paper tubes weren't dry at this point, I let my kiddos create masterpieces with the leftover paint...They had lots of (ahem) fun...
which led to much clean up for Wonder Mom...

since she FORGOT to cover the workspace with newspaper first!
When the toilet paper tubes were FINALLY dry, we began gluing on all the pieces.
I found that in order to get some of the pieces to dry flat, we had to pin them with clothespins for a bit.
After slipping on the "hats" and tying them off with a bit of yarn, our carolers are ready to greet all our friends in our entry way, singing the tune "Holly Jolly Christmas!" (This is the clip of music I found from the Internet- my kiddos are IN LOVE with this song!)

Fun, fun, fun!


  1. How cute! Your kids look like they had tons of fun! :)

  2. I wanted to make this ... but we got so busy this month, however we did do the tp roll pilgrims last month, tons of fun! You blog is too cute!

  3. Hey, there is always next year- as I search the net, I am already planning mentally for next year's Christmas!

    P.S. Thanks for the encouragement- your blog ROCKS too!