Number Four

Baby Girl and
her Pattern Block Page

Today in math Baby Girl and Little Wild Man worked on the number four. I got the idea to create individual number journals from Marilyn Burns' "Math Their Way of Thinking" and one of the BESTEST (yes, I said "bestest" on purpose) preschool/kindergarten websites out there, Hubbard's Cupboard (

Little Wild Man and his Pattern Block Page

Baby Girl is in Kindergarten and Little Wild Man is in his first year of preschool, so they often do lessons together. (Jungle Girl is in the second grade, and uses the time I work with the younger two to complete her individual Reading and Math assignments.)

An example of one of the activities we worked on used toothpicks. Here's the final results:

Little Wild Man's page looks like he used more than four toothpicks, but he really didn't. I just couldn't glue them on his page laying on top of each other like he wanted, so we broke the toothpicks in half before we glued them down.

Other pages we will be working on involve tracing the number four, using Unifix Cubes to create four patterns, and creating four sided shapes on Geoboards.

Later in the day, since the blocks were still out, the kids all got in the fun and started creating images inspired by one of our favorite shows, "The Spectacular Spider Man."

Jungle Girl's "Green Goblin" creation-
Please note the cartoon bubble coming from the Goblin's mouth with the word "Ha" inside.

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