Elf on the Shelf 2013 Adventures: Days 21-24

Day 21:

Disney Shopping,
A Charlie Brown Christmas
We awoke this day to find the elves
enjoying the toiletries in the bathroom...

After we all got ready...
...and grabbed a "healthy" lunch...
...we got medicated and took off to Downtown Disney!
Baby Girl was really starting to feel better
by this day,
and I am glad,
because she was able to thouroughly enjoy
her visit to the
Little Miss Mismatch store!
(The elves are always making new friends...)

After all our shopping was done...
...the sickies settled in for the evening and watched
"A Charlie Brown Christmas"
while some of the others went swimming.

By this evening,
Jungle Girl seemed punier than normal
you guessed it-
started running a fever.

Another one bites the dust!


Day 22:

Mickey Ears,
More Magic Kingdom,
and the 
Since this was our last full day at Disney,
the elves woke up
READY to go and see the Magic Kingdom again...

They even had their own Mickey and Minnie Ears!

Since Jungle Girl was into full flu mode,
Super Dad stayed back at the hotel with her
while the rest of us went to the
Magic Kingdom to enjoy a very pleasant day...

Later in the afternoon we all met back up at the Monorail
to go and eat...


Day 23:

Thank You Notes,
Polynesian Eats,
Family Cookout,
The elves made certain that we left our hotel room
with a good attitude this day
by writing a Thank You note
to our hotel maid for the week... 
Then we ate one last meal at The Polynesian...

...and said our good-byes to Disney!

We then took a little road trip to see Super Dad's 
Aunt and Uncle who live in Florida...
...and the elves started to show signs
of missing the cooler temperatures
of the North Pole!
They toughed it out long enough for us to enjoy
a weinee roast with the fam...
...before heading to Clearwater to stay the night.
The kiddos all swam that night and marveled
at the dark beach
since they had never been to one before.



Day 24:
Though the elves were ready to leave that morning...
...we had to have a better look at the beach
(and another swim)...
...and get some crazy balloon creations at IHop...

...before we packed up and hit the road again!

I am telling ya,
these elves are seasoned travelers now!
We arrived home a couple of days before Christmas Eve
to a CROWDED airport-
but that was OK.

We were home-
and ready to celebrate!!!


The last of our elves adventures will be posted
about tomorrow-
please return to see how it all ends!

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