Happy Pi Day!

Today we celebrated
otherwise known as
Pi Day.
I set the scene with a homemade
"Pi to the 100th Digit"
 You can download the banner
(which you need to cut and past together)
by clicking HERE.
The clip art that decorate the banner
can be found HERE.


After the kiddos looked at the banner and I explained
to them what an irrational number is...
...we watched THIS video I found on You Tube.

(Richard Bew does an EXCELLENT job of
ENTERTAININGLY explaining the basics of Pi!)


After the video,
we put Pi into practice with...
...THIS worksheet provided by
Little Wild Man
(since he has not done much with multiplication or division)
was in charge of measuring the diameter
of different objects.
After relaying that info to his sisters,
they used their calculators to determine the
radius and circumference
of the objects.

(Not only was this a good lesson in using Pi,
it also allowed the kiddos to use their
measuring and calculator skills too!) 


After finishing the work sheet,
we just had to get crafty
with our "Pi"
and make a few of THESE
Bottle Cap Pies
I saw over on
 You have to have your tough face on
when you use the sharp scissors...

They were easy to pull together
and SO super cute!
My kiddos don't mind getting a little
Pi all over their faces...


To end our Pi Day fun,
we had to EAT some pie, of course!
I went super simple on these and bought
mini graham cracker crusts
and filled them with either
ice cream or pudding
(because my kiddos are sadly not really big
fruit pie fans!).


Q: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern
by its diameter?

A: Pumpkin Pi!

Happy Pi Day everybody!!!


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