October 31st-November 6th

I am so excited-
after this post,
I am FINALLY caught up
with all my Week in Review posts!

if I could just KEEP caught up until the end of the year...
Highlights from this week include:

*Celebrating another fun Halloween in the 'Hood!

The kiddos dressed up very individually this year-
gone are the days that I could get us to
have a family theme in our costumes-
at least for THIS year...

Jungle Girl was a female Hiccup,
the dragon tamer from
"How to Train Your Dragon."

Baby Girl was a witch,
and Little Wild Man was a pirate-
just like me!

We had an ultra cool family cemetery
in our front yard this year,
thanks to our ultra creative and generous neighbor.

He has a storage unit(s) chock FULL of a
variety of Halloween decor from days gone by,
most of which he has hand crafted himself.

He has a dream to share the wealth,
which will result in several of our house
being decked out for Halloween.

I mean,
he BRINGS to party every year in his yard,
complete with a band
playing fun songs like "Thriller" and "Monster Mash."

Just check it out:

*Finishing up a few 
"Candy Corn Caper" activities with the kiddos-
I hope to have more info about that later in the week...

*Took down the Halloween decor
and put up a few turkeys

*Began my yearly November Thankful Challenge

So far, I am thankful for:

-My Kiddos
-The Refrigerator Door
-The Littles

*Began working on the Letter I
with the littles

*Continued working on "Annie"-
less than three weeks until we perform!



TO read a photo play by play of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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