A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

I received...
BEST Happy Mail Package
 It was filled with Peanuts themed Thanksgiving goodies,
all intended to be used while watching

The package came from the fabulously creative and encouraging...

As we have been getting to know each other via
we discovered we both have a love
for all things Peanuts related,
so she sent me this little
to TOTALLY brighten my day!


I discovered that TODAY
(November 26th)
is Charles Shultz's birthday-
he would have been 91 if he were still living-
so we HAD to celebrate
using our happy mail package from Miss KM...
Right before lunch time,
Jungle Girl read aloud the book from the care package...
...with the Puppy Prince as her attentive audience.

That allowed me the time to set up
our lunch table...
..."Peanuts Thanksgiving Dinner" style

There were the essentials, like...
...buttered toast, pretzels...
...and popcorn.
For dessert,
Scooby Snack graham crackers,
Peppermint Patties,
jelly beans
seemed appropriate.
I used the care package as a center piece...
...and the kiddos used our school lunch cafeteria trays
to load up on the goodies.

(The school trays remind me of the
school lunch Thanksgiving meal they served every year
when I attended public school.

Since my kiddos are homeschooled,
these trays-
which I scored at a garage sale-
add a little something special to our lunches
every now and again...)
The kiddos greatly enjoyed the meal,
especially Jungle Girl,
my oldest.

She is a picky eater,
and would MUCH prefer the real Thanksgiving dinner
to be more like this one!


  1. Hooray for a PEANUTS kinda day! I must tell you that while out at the antique mall last weekend I found an OLD SCHOOL VHS of our movie! It would have been perfect "box" to fill with with goodies... hehehehe... Love your lunch and day long celebration! Someday we will celebrate together! xoxox

  2. ps what do your neighbors say when you set up little scenes on your front porch to take pictures? hehehehe... I do it all the time and people always look at me funny! xoxoxoxo!!!!

  3. Brilliant package! We celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving with a Charlie Brown feast every year - and this year the children have been practicing a readers theater of the movie script to perform before we eat our real dinner :) Charlie Brown is the best!