Spring and Summer Bulletin Boards

I change the Bulletin Board 
at our church for our 
Parents Day Out program,
and may I just say how 
I am for Pinterest!

It consistently inspires me with ideas,
which I need,
since I plan on changing the board about
six times a year.

let me introduce you to
the Spring P.D.O. bulletin board...
...P.D.O. if the Place to "Bee!"

By combining THIS, THIS, and THIS
bulletin board ideas,
I was able to create the board above.

...I had the kiddos make bumblebees using
pre-cut paper shapes, wax paper wings, googly eyes, and glue.
I created flowers out of tissue paper
and construction paper...
...for the bees to buzz around.
With touches like a braided crepe paper border...
...the board was ready to stay until Summer...
...leaving me time to stop and smell the roses.  ;0)


When Summer came,
I knew what board to put together
after being inspired by THIS and THIS...
Summer Bulletin Board:

"Our Future is so Bright,
We Gotta Wear Shades!"

These paint chip samples 
made such a pretty
(and simple)...

They also served... the sun's rays.

(BTW, my Baby Girl is the one who suggested I use
the flower from the Spring bulletin board
as the center of the sun-
she is so creative!)  :0)

But the best part of the board is...
...the cute kiddos, of course!


I need to give a BIG shout out to my kiddos...
...for always helping me out with these 
bulletin board projects.
They keep kiddos corralled...
...and entertained while I put up the board.

my kiddos ARE so cool
they gotta wear shades!  ;0)

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