April 18th-24th

Highlights from this week include:

*Designing ladybug wings for Jungle Girl's
dance costume

*Playing Bunny Bowling as we wrapped up our

*Enjoyed the kiddos' Chalk City they created 
in our driveway,
complete with "dead men" body outlines

*Went to the
Open House

While we were there,
the kiddos looked at different dog and horse breeds,
bone specimens,
bot-flies and other gross critters,
some rather crazy x-rays.

*Went to Dollywood for the first time this season

*Created Egg Carton Critters with some new
Homeschooling friends

A neighboring homeschooling family 
recently started a homeschool group
called HiS Group.

HiS stands for Home is School,
because home should be the first place our children learn.

Our first meeting was on Earth Day,
and I volunteered to bring a craft for the kiddos to do
while the moms chatted and met.

(With over 30 kiddos there,
I am so glad I brought lots of egg carton cups.)  ;0)

I am looking forward to participating in events
with this group, 
since we cannot be a part of our co-op group
right now...

*Said good bye to Super Dad for a few days
so he could go to a business training in
Seattle, Washington

(I have to admit, 
I was a tad jealous, since he got to visit
THE first Starbucks!)


To read a photo play by play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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  1. The animal critters sound like a fun idea. I might have to give some of those to my kids for a fun activity.