Get Well Giftie

Last week,
the day after Easter,
we got word that
our Mimi...
...our funny, silly, creative,
collapsed due to the flu
and broke her toe.

(This would ONLY happen to you, Mimi,
only you...)  

She is doing fine now,
recovering very nicely,
but when we heard of her plight,
we wanted to make certain she knew how
much we wanted her to get better.

...the "Get Well Gifitie" Basket.
 It was a lot of fun putting this together,
with a few "medicinal" touches...

(Yes- this bottle says "Whiskey."  
It is a joke we shared-
a little "alcohol" to dull the pain...)  ;0)
and we wanted to make certain
her toes were kept 
while they recovered...

We love you, Mimi!!!

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