Presidential Lessons

 A couple weeks ago,
we spent an entire week learning
about the position of the
President of the United States of America,
with a focus on our first prez,
George Washington.

On the actual Monday morning of President's Day,
we began our day by eating some...
...Presidential Pancakes.

After all of our regular school lessons were completed,
we dedicated the afternoon
(and a couple of other afternoons)
to learning more about the Presidents.

After watching...
...THIS DVD about the American Revolution,
in which George Washington
played an important part,
we looked through...
...this book I have had since my childhood
about the different Presidents.

...the last president in the book is Gerald Ford,
but the kiddos really liked all the full page
portraits and photos of the presidents.

(I did discuss with them the presidents that
have come into to office
AFTER Gerald Ford...)  :0)

I wanted the kiddos to have a basic understanding
of what a President does,
so we looked at...
...a few of the pages found in this book.

The Mini-Pages did a really good job at showing
all the different...
..."hats" a President wears.
(Yes, this book is also out of date,
but it does such a nice job at presenting
what a President does,
I didn't mind showing Bill Clinton to the kiddos...)  ;0)

After taking in all this information,
the kiddos started to work on...
...THIS President's Day Lapbook.
I already had the book completely put together...
...the kiddos just needed to fill in the appropriate information.


The rest of the afternoons
the week of President's Day
were spent completing the lapbook,
as well as the following activities:

1.  Listening to and discussing the book
Jean Fritz

What a fun book!

The kiddos and I learned a lot about 
President Washington's background from this book,
and since it was presented in such a creative format,
it was an enjoyable read aloud. 

2. Listening to and discussing
chapter 2 of
Allen Zullo 
This chapter contained fun facts about
little known facts about a variety of Presidents.

One of our favorite stories was about 
President John Quincy Adams.

he enjoyed a good morning...

3.  Reviewed Washington's life 
with the use of 

4.  Learned more about the Presidents
by playing

5.  Created portraits of George Washington
with the use of
Pink and Green Mama's tutorial

We sure had fun hangin' with ya, George!


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