January 24th-30th

Highlights from this week include:

*An ice storm hit the valley on Friday

It seems our weather is in a bit of a pattern,
all be it a CRAZY one.

Over the past seven days,
I have seen
ice, rain and rainbows, sunshine and near 70's, and snow!

"If you don't like the weather in East Tennessee,
don't worry.
It'll change..."

-so "they" say

*Sickness has hit this household
rather quickly this week.

Little Wild Man had a fitful evening of sleep
on Friday due to an ear ache.

I had a horrible nigh of sleep and injured
my upper back/neck in the process,
sleeping on the couch downstairs,
trying to comfort him.

Baby Girl woke up Monday morning 
with a fever a sore throat,
and was diagnosed Tuesday with
Step Throat/Tonsillitis.

She then had a fitful night of sleep
because HER ear hurt.

So, Super Dad went to Wal-Mart
at 2am to get some homeopathic ear drops-
they worked!

Princess Pretty Pants contracted
RSV and a double eat infection,
so I gave her breathing treatments this week
when I babysat her.

I am READY for everyone to be healthy again!

Break out the vitamin C...

*Despite all of the illness,
we were able to do some school this week.

The little boys and Little Wild Man
worked through some
The Mitten themed activities,
and Jungle Girl finished reading the third of
The Chronicles of Narnia.

Perhaps Baby Girl will finish up her
The Mitten lapbook
next week,
now that she is feeling better...

*I am TRYING to get back into some better 
healthy habits,
including eating some new smoothies 
and adding some Young Living supplements
to our diet.

(I especially want Baby Girl to drink 
to improve her immune system-
I am thinking tonsil surgery is in her future...)


*My latest OBSESSION is

I even have my husband hooked on it.

Such great characters,
beautiful scenery,
it has it all.

We are all caught up
on the previous seasons,
due to Netflix and Comcast Cable's On Demand.

Now I think I need to have
afternoon tea everyday-
if only I had a servant to prepared it for me...  ;0)


To read a play-by-play
of the above photo collage,
just click HERE...


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  1. I have to agree that East Tennessee's weather is variable!! 80 degrees and snow all in one week!

  2. We just discovered Downton Abbey too! We are now up to season 3 but still not current. My husband and I watch it when the kids are in bed with a cup of Nighty Night tea!

  3. We are in west North Carolina. The weather is crazy and there seems to be little reason to listen to the weather man. He has been off all week. I hope you all are well soon.
    Blessings, Dawn