January 1st-9th

After the first nine days of January,
I am finally getting back into a homeschooling groove...
Highlights from this "week" include:

*My 36th birthday-
I am a New Year's Baby!

My kiddos made me waffle for breakfast,
but other than that,
I just spent to day not doing much,
except craftin' and pinning and watching TV...


I was R-E-A-L-L-Y lazy the first 
few days of the new year.

I revealed in lounging in my PJ's,
letting the laundry pile up,
and eating junk.


Laziness cannot last forever,
and, frankly,
I was getting sick of it.


*We put up Christmas decor,
started the laundry,
and started school back up.

*Smiley B, Mad Max, and Girlie V
all started coming back 
for childcare this week.

It turns out that
while they were away,
Mad Max 
(age 10 months)
cut his first tooth
took his first steps!

I forgot how much a baby can learn
in the short span of two weeks...

*I have been recently 
to watch a couple more kiddos
2 and a half days a week.

"The Fantastic Five"
could now refer to the
5 little tots
(ages 7 months, 10 months, 2, 3, and 3)
I will be watching
during the week.

I do not watch any of them
"full time,"
so it really works out well
for our homeschooling schedule,
and these extra kiddos
are certainly a bump in our income.

*The girls are now
signed up for dance classes again.

We took a "break" last semester
for financial reasons,
so we are glad to be starting 
back up again.

*Super Dad and I have gotten back on track
to being a healthier "us"

I am already feeling better
since cutting back on the 
carb and sugar fest extravaganza 
we experienced
during 2012.

we have begun the 
instructional DVD. 

it is awesomely challenging,
and yet
easy to fit in to our day.

I will be interested to see what results
we can achieve 
after a month or so 
using it...

Here's to a healthier
in the
New Year!


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of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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