January 17th-23rd

Highlights from this week include:

*Had our FIRST SNOWFALL of the season!

Whenever we have snow,
and the public schools are closed,
so do we!

We spent the day playing in the snow,
building little snowmen,
snowball fighting-
all things we have not gotten to really do
in two years or so.


*Learned about
sticking by a friend
in Sunday School

*Mopped the floors
(K, yeah, that's not exciting,
but it happens so little around here
I needed to include it...)

*Did the basics when it came to school this week,
'cause the snot runneth over here
at The Fantastic Five.

Mad Max didn't come at all this week 
due to illness,
plus two of my other toddlers,
Little wild Man and I
were all more puny than normal.

*Sniff, Sniff*

*Baby Girl began her
Mitten lapbook this week

*The kiddos not only played in real snow,
but in faux snow, too

*Looking forward to more
crazy weather this upcoming weekend-
ICE is on the way!


To read a play-by-play of the above 
photo collage,
just click HERE...


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  1. I love your collage! It says "Winter!"

  2. Hi Amber, just wondering if you got my email?

  3. I'm sorry that some of you weren't feeling well.... booo.....

    As far as the snow goes... aren't you lucky? We got nothin' here. :-( Winter's not over yet!!