Gingerbread Tot Trays

These past couple of weeks,
Smiley B
has been working through
some Gingerbread themed activities...

Here there are-
catch 'em if you can!


Gingerbread Book
The booklet can be found HERE
and the
gingerbread men cut outs are from KidsSoup.
Baby Girl helped Smiley B with this tray...
...since cutting is still a bit tricky for him.


Pre-Writing Practice
Tracing Sheets from
Homeschool Creations'
Gingerbread Baby Printable Pack  


J is for Jump
Alphabet Page

The little gingerbread man came in a garland pack
form the Target Dollar Spot.
Here is our little gingerbread man,
jumping over the letter J.


Gingerbread Match Up Game
Gingerbread Cards from Make Learning Fun
Adding as spatula to flip the cards
gave the game a challenge for Smiley's
fine motor skills.


Lacing Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread Man from KidsSoup
I *thought* it would be easier for Smiley B
to use pipe cleaners for this lacing activity.

Oh boy,
was I wrong!

So I quickly went and grabbed...
...a lacing string,
which made the little man much happier.

(Flexibility is KEY...)


Paint Your Own Ornament
Ornament kits are from the Dollar Spot
at JoAnne's Fabrics


Shape Match-Up 
Gingerbread House


Pom Pom Magnet Match-Up
Gingerbread Man

I must say,
this activity frustrated Smiley B,
since the pom poms were not exactly
staying on the colored spaces.

If your kiddos has perfectionist type tendencies,
this may not be a good activity for them to do...


Gingerbread Man Dice Game
Gingerbread Game from KidsSoup

All of the kiddos played this game together,
and had fun doing so.
(I LOVE how Smiley is in a "dress-up" phase
right now.  I never know "who" will be babysitting
the days he comes to play...)


Making a Gingerbread House
Had to finish up the Gingerbread Unit
by making a 
Gingerbread House,
of course!
We used a kit from Wilton
that the kiddos received last year
as a Christmas gift.

They enjoyed putting it together,
and licking their fingers during the process...


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