Elf Adventures, December 9th-16th

Here are the escapes our elf Chess
got himself into this past week...


Chess decided to hitch a ride with us
to church in my 
Sunday School bag.

After we arrived,
he sat on my classroom's Christmas tree,
and learned about how the 
Baby Jesus was born in a stable,
and wrapped in swaddling clothes-
I think he was touched...


Chess is one flexible elf!


Apparently Chess thought our newly decorated
Gingerbread House
was his personal beach house...
...complete with brown sugar sand.
I do not believe he got much of a tan
under our florescent kitchen lights...


Chess knew it was Little Wild Man's birthday... he brought breakfast treats!

He also brought a tricky surprise...
...right outside Little Wild Man's door!

Silly elf!


After all the birthday fun yesterday,
Chess decided to relax a little in a 
mini-marshmallow bubble bath. 
Calgon, take me away...


Chess mistook our cupcake Santa
as the REAL Santa...

Sorry Chess!


Chess missed his buddies
from the North Pole,
so he hung out all day with an
ice cream snow man.


Chess tried to do a little light cleaning last night...
...and found himself in a pickle!


Can't wait to see what fun brings 
to our house this week...

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  1. Hello, bloggy friend! Thank you for checking in. We have been super busy. We found out today that we are expecting another baby GIRL at the beginning of May. So we're in full swing! Hope you and your family have a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!