Thankful Thoughts, Day 1

For the past couple of years,
every November 
I write daily about the things
I am thankful for.

It is a great way for me to get in the 
correct frame of mind 
for the upcoming holiday season,
and gives me a chance to reflect on all
that God has chosen to bestow
upon me and my family.

This year,
I want to encourage my kiddos to join in
on my thankful thoughts,
so I will also be including their daily blessings too...


Wonder Mom:

I am thankful for
Day Spring Family Care.

Mr. Jim and his wife are dear friends of our family,
and they take mighty good care of us,
whenever we are sick.

...Baby Girl got to go and have a Strep Test,
which she unfortunately got an "A" on.

Day Spring is a safe place to go
and recover,
and I am ALWAYS grateful for the way in which
Mr. Jim treats his patients with a Minister's care.


Jungle Girl:

 Thankful that
it is a new month...

Baby Girl:

Thankful for

Little Wild Man:

Thankful that
his birthday is coming up...


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