On the Run AND the "One Year Be-Tween You and God" Giveaway Winner

Has it REALLY been almost 
since I last posted on my blog?


I deeply apologize for my absence-
my life kinda has sent me running... a new direction,
one I really wasn't anticipating.

I have opened an Etsy shop called
so I have been crocheting and hot gluing
my little heart out.

I have created more than is listed on the site,
but I have sold several scarflettes locally,
so I am in process of stocking up again.

I am loving this new adventure,
but it has certainly made me put my blog
on the back burner...

Forgive me, please!

I know I have a little catching up to do,
and I will over the next few days,
beginning with announcing the 
of the Tyndale

Drum roll please...

The winner
(chosen randomly by Jungle Girl herself)

#3- Theresa from Seeking Him Homeschool!

Theresa said this when she registered:

Hi Wonder Mom!
Would this be good for a 10 year old niece who lives in a household
where her parents are not saved?
I mean, do you think she'd "get it"
without having someone to talk to about it everyday
(of course I'd offer for her to call me with questions and such,
but don't know if her mom will let her!)?
I'd love to breathe God's word into her somehow,
but it's hard being 3 hours away and not seeing her that often!

Seeking Him Homeschool (Theresa)


I hope this book proves to be a blessing
for your niece...

I will be contacting you promptly
to get your info
so Tyndale can send the book to you

Talk to y'all later-

Right now,
I gotta run....  ;0)


  1. So cute! Now to check out your site.

  2. Hey there! What a good looking resource you have! Did you create your site by yourself?