A New Twist on the Hand Print Turkey...

I have always loved a good
hand print turkey craft.

I remember making them
ALL THE TIME when I was a kiddo...


I mean what is SWEETER than seeing little...
...hand prints on a piece of paper?

So when I ran across...
...THIS cute little guy
I just knew we had to make them
to brighten up someone's day...


Here's how we created them:

 ...I gathered up all our supplies.

*Washable paint,
in the colors of
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and brown

*Throw away bowls

*White card stock paper

*Sponge brushes

*Red and orange craft foam

*Brown construction paper

*Black beads



*Black marker

*Baby Wipes

*Trash bag


After getting all the supplies together...
...I prepped the craft.

I knew I would be making this with my kiddos
and a few others in the 'hood,
so I went ahead and cut out the
turkey heads, bodies, beaks, and snoods/wattles.

I also got all the paint ready in separate bowls
and had the baby wipes/trash bag 
ready for clean up.


I then called each of the kiddos up to me
...and painted his/her hand 
to create the feathers for the turkey.
(Ain't he a cutie?)


The kiddos would then place their painted hands...
...in the center of the card stock,
leaving a stamp print for their turkeys.

If you are working with a baby,
I HIGHLY recommend...
...painting his foot instead of his hand.

I know our Mad Max would have
just eaten to paint if we had placed it 
on his hands... ;0)


After letting...
...the rafter of turkeys dry for a bit...
...each kiddo got to glue on
their other turkey parts
to complete the project...

I do believe they all did a
Gobble-tastic Great Job!


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  1. I love it :) I wonder if I could get the older kids to let me paint their hands too - those would be hilarious!