Shoe Box Habitats

When the kiddos and I came across the chapter
about Biomes and Animal Habitats in our
Christian Kids Explore Biology book,
I just KNEW we had to make 
some Shoe Box Habitats.

My kiddos love to play with
"little" things,
so I knew this would be right up their ally...

each kiddos selected a habitat 
to make and looked through some books
to see what they needed to include in their habitat.

Little Wild Man chose an African grassland,
Baby Girl selected a coral reef,
Jungle Girl decided to make a rain forest.

After the research,
the kiddos...
...painted their shoe boxes.

for added effect in Jungle Girl's rain forest...
...she Mod Podged some tissue paper squares...
...onto the back of the box.

After a quick trip to the
Dollar Tree
for some special touches,
the kiddos finished up their habitats.

Here are their final projects:
(Paper animals from firstpalatte)
(Paper animals from firstpalatte)
(Jungle Girl was inspired by 
Confessions of a Homeschooler
and her post about the Brazillian rain forest.

But she wanted to make it smaller.

In order to find animals that fit into
this tiny environment,
we found animal earrings.

We then used bits of erasers to make the animals
stand up.)


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