H is for Halloween Tot Trays

Here are some of the Tot Trays
Smiley B has been going through this week
as we focus on
"H is for Halloween"...


Spider Ring Lacing


Spider Web Lacing
This mesh mat was something I picked up
from the dollar tree a while ago,
to practice lacing with...


Cutting Practice


"H is for Halloween"
Alphabet Page


Pumpkin Colors and Sorting


Candy or Trick-or-Treater Sort


Halloween Character Match-Up
I made this game using two printable
cupcake topper pages from


Pumpkin Letters
Name Practice


Making Pumpkin Faces
This is an example of a tray having
different results than I expected.

I had several sets of eyes, noses, and mouths
cut out and in the little pumpkin containers,
 thinking Smiley B would spend a bit of time
making different faces.

He did not.

He made one face and said he was done.

You know who DID play with it?

Baby Girl and Little Wild Man.

You can never tell with a Preschooler
what they will like...  ;0)


Counting Eyes for the Monsters
 Idea from No Time for Flashcards

Instead of practicing addition,
Smiley will just pick a number and count out eyes for it.


Pumpkin Count Cards


Smiley B also did some pages from
the 3 Dinosaurs Dot Markers packet... 
...after we read
"There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat!"
We will also be reading
"What Do You Do When a Monster Says Boo?"
and playing with
Magnetic Freaky Frankie.
We will also be playing with our
Candy Corn game...
...and reading other funny Halloween books.


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  1. I love your trays, especially the spider lacing and spider weaving. We used the Orange Pumpkin, Orange Pumpkin reader, too. My daughter loves reading it to us.