September 22nd-28th

Sickness was a BIG part of The Fan Five's week...

I spent the afternoon learning more about the benefits of
with my Mother-in-law as my teacher.

She hosted a few classes at our church,
including using the oils with your kiddos and
what oils to keep on hand for emergency situations.

I am REALLY enjoying using these oils more and more,
and YES, Tricia,
I WILL write all about them someday soon... ;0)

After the classes,
the rest of the family joined us and we went and ate
at perhaps the BEST Italian restaurant in AMERICA-
the owner takes 5 DAYS to make his
Bouillabaisse sauce...


Later in the evening,
when we were all watching TV in the living room,
Super Dad noted that Little Wild Man
seemed rather warm.

he had a fever.

So I "put my oils where my mouth is"
(so to speak)
and began putting
on the boy every 15 to 30 for the rest of the evening.

His fever did finally break about an hour and a half 
into this regimen,
 but was up a little again before he went to bed,
so I ran the diffuser in his room
all night...



The girls and I went to church,
but Super Dad stayed at home with Little Wild Man
and continued to "oil him up."

By the time we got home,
I would say he was a lot better,
and by the evening he was "normal."

(Please note:
I never gave him Tylenol or any other
"traditional" meds during this time.
That's a big deal for me-
I was very happy to have "success"
with the oils in THIS case...)



Smiley B, Mad Max, and Girlie V
were all at the house.

The kiddos did get a lot of their 
independent work completed,
included Smiley B,
which I will post more about later...

 In the afternoon,
the Little Wild Man, Smiley, and Girlie
all made a fantastic mess in the garage
while playing 
"Construction Workers."

(More of which I will post on later...)

Their mess encouraged me to sweep out the garage,
which needed to be done anyway,
despite my allergies giving me
FITS throughout the day.

I am not on any allergy meds now
because of the oils
(mainly Frankincense and Lavender),
but the ragweed was especially STRONG on Monday,
so I made certain to use the Neti pot an extra time or two
and put on extra oil applications also...



During our school Science lesson,
we discussed the Biosphere and Biomes.

The kiddos remembered when I helped our friend
Mimi with a project she made in Middle School
all about the Rainforest habitat,
so we have decided that next week 
they will create their own 
shoe box habitats-
I just LOVE hands-on Science projects!

In the evening,
while we were all watching TV together,
Baby Girl
(who was laying next to Super Dad on the couch)
started complaining that her stomach and head hurt.

(Deja vu, anyone?)

I started applying some Thieves and Purification oil on her,
as well as a little Digize oil for her tummy troubles.

She really looked peaked,
so I told her at bed time
that she would need to stay in her room 
all day on Wednesday 
since i would be taking care of Mad Max and Smiley B.

She did not contest this decision AT ALL...



Poor Baby Girl.

She woke up with no tummy ache,
but her head and now her throat were killing her.

I oiled her up,
(including spreading a wet cloth
with Peppermint oil across her neck and forehead)
gave her the iPad,
tucked her in bed,
and she pretty much slept on and off
throughout the day.

Poor, poor Baby Girl.

I got Tonsillitis A LOT as a kiddo,
and I do believe she is on track to be like her Mama...

Once I had her settled,
I got the other kiddos to do a minimal amount of school work
and I began making
a meal I was taking to a family at church
in the evening.

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen,
cooking the dinner,
and our meals,
and grinding up kool-aid slushes for
Baby Girl.

In the evening,
when our "crochet ninja" friend
arrived for Jungle Girl's lesson,
I took the meal over to our church family
and had the honor of gushing and cooing
all over their newborn baby born-
so sweet!



Baby Girl was not much better,
so I called our
friendly neighborhood physician assistant
and made her an appointment.

After dropping my other kiddos off
at my parents',
Mr. Jim was pretty convinced she had 
strep throat or another kind of infection.

He called in an antibiotic for her,
and after sending Jungle Girl
home with a friend and picking up Little Wild Man,
we headed to Target for the meds...

Poor,  poor Baby Girl...



Super Dad woke up with some kind of version
of Baby Girl's illness,
so he stayed home.

Baby Girl started making an improvement
by the third dosage of her medicine,
which I found interesting,
since I spotted little pockets of puss
on her tonsils this evening
that were not there yesterday.

I am just glad she is no longer 
dizzy and feverish!

She and Netflicks have become  
best buddies over these past couple of days,
and that is totally fine by me
if it keeps her resting... 


May I make a quick side note about the oils?

PLEASE do not think I am a millionaire
since I use these oils!

some of them are pricey,
but I have been slowly adding them to my
medicine cabinet.

AND I have a lovely mother-in-law
who gives us some every now and again
out of her personal stash.

so I am often mixing just a drop or two
with a carrier oil
(like V-6 oil),
which makes the oils last a good amount of time.

I also use "modern medicine"
(as you can see from Baby Girl's situation)
if the situation calls for it.

I am a firm believer in balance,
and the oils a lovely,
but it doesn't mean I don't discredit
western medicine.

I just try to use it as more of a "last resort"
instead of running to it first.

Does that all make sense?

If not,
please leave a comment and I will answer
any questions you have about the oils-
as soon as everyone recovers 
around here... ;0)


To read a photo play-by-play
of the above collage,
please click HERE...


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  1. Wow, so sorry about the illnesses. I have never heard of the oils - sound interesting and something to check out.

  2. Wowi - so many people not feeling well and you never complained. You are a great mama!!

    Now, I hope you don't get sick, too - but wouldn't being in your bed with the iPad all day be nice? Ha!

  3. I am curious about your oils, too! Sounds like a good week considering all the illness!

  4. Have you ever heard of or used tei-fu oil? My kids had a horrible croupy cough a week ago and it was a miracle oil for us here. I'd love to learn about more oils and I do hope you'll share as you learn more.
    I found you linked up at Collage Friday and just stopping by.

  5. Still looking forward to that post :)