September 15th-21st

Ornery Pirates, Wet Dogs, and Speedy Skates-
all sponsors of this week's activities...

We wrapped up another Lil' Angel's Attic Sale!

It really ran smoothly,
but as usual,
we have some details that need to be ironed out.

This sale has been in effect at our church
for over 10 years now,
and during that time,
our city has added MANY MORE
consignment sales.

when I got home in the evening,
I sat down and typed up an agenda sheet
and emailed the lovely ladies on our 
LAA committee about setting up a meeting
for that Spring sale.

I have REALLY slacked off in the preparedness
of our committee over the last couple of sales,
and it is starting to reflect in our sales numbers-
time to "cowboy up" and get back on track
for the next sale...



 Went to church,
loved on my K-1 kiddos,
took an afternoon nap
(which was much needed after the LAA Sale Week),
went back to church for choir practice and classes,
came home and collapsed...



Smiley B, Mad Max, and Girlie V
all came over to hang at the house,
and I concentrated on getting the house
back in order after the 
"Hurricane of the LAA Sale."

not much was accomplished in the way of school,
except math.

We are slowly getting back on track...

In the evening,
when Super Dad got home,
we gave the dogs outdoor bathes,
in the rain.

We used Ivory Dish Soap
to kill their fleas,
and MAN, does it WORK!

I will say,
some of the puppies did better than others...



Still working on getting our life back in order,
especially the clothing situation.

I did a ton 'o laundry 
and began the process of pulling out clothes 
from the kiddos closets that are not 
seasonally appropriate
and putting them in storage for the 
next LAA at church.

And the kiddos did Math only again for school...


I also posted the second installment of my
over on homepeeps-
and did so a day late...

I am SO READY to get 
"caught back up!"



We completed a FULL day of school today!!!


I was even able to get
Smiley B started again on his Tot Trays,
which focused on the Letter C and The Farm.

AND we learned about the Taxonomy System,
 using one of the "junk boxes" I have in storage
from my public school days.

(I will be posting more about that later...)

I love ending school days with a sense of accomplishment-
especially when school has been on the back burner 
for other life activities.

Wednesday was also national
"Speak Like a Pirate" Day,
so I convinced Little Wild Man
to put on an old pirate costume he had 
in the dress-up box
so we could score a dozen Krispie Kreme doughnuts.

We took the neighbor kiddos with us
and all enjoyed a tasted sweet treat after dinner
and crochet lesson with Marie.

we ended our evening by "rescuing" a couple of dogs
that were roaming our neighborhood.

we saw the owners looking for their pups
right before we were getting ready for bed,
so we did NOT end up having to 
for Argos (a HUGE Husky-mix)
and Major (a smaller beagle/greyhound-mix)...



We did the basics,
Math and Reading,
and then headed over to my parents' house
to visit.

My best "life-long" friend
and her two kiddos 
usually comes over on Thursdays, too,
so the kiddos had a good time visiting together
while I helped Mom get out her Fall decorations.

Speaking of Fall,
the weather has been
this week!

(Autumn is my favorite season,
and I am so thankful it has "officially" begun
after such a HOT-HOT-HOT Summer...)

When we got home,
we spent the evening roller skating
with our neighbors at
Skate Town.

It has been awhile since I have 
but I am proud to say I did not fall-
when I finished! :0)



The kiddos in the 'hood
were off for a Teacher Training Day,
so we took off too.

The kiddos spent the whole day playing with
their friends,
and I spent some time with Papa
(who was visiting while Nana was 
doing some reflexology on some clients)
while I made some Veggie Beef Soup.

Spent the rest of the evening at home,
hanging with the fam-


To see a photo play-by-play
of the above collage,
click HERE...


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  1. Cool collage! Looks like lots of fun.

  2. I did not know that Ivory dish soap kills fleas! Now I know, thanks!