"Baby Girl is All Smiles to Be Eight" Birthday Party

 About a MONTH after Baby Girl's actual birthday
(July 14th),
I was finally able to host her "friend" birthday party.

She wanted a...
 ..."Smiley Face" birthday party,
which I found was pretty easy to plan
(Thank goodness!).


For the invitations...
 ...I found some round, scalloped-edged cards
at Target slapped some googly eyes
on 'em to create Smiley Faces.

(I had all the party info on the backside of the card.)


We held the party in our church's
Fellowship Hall,
so I did not go overboard with decor-
I usually skimp the most on decorations-
that can really add up, 
financially speaking.
I put up a simple 
"SMILE" banner,
 threw some yellow table clothes on the floor
for the craft area and eating area,
and used the party favors as part
of the decor.
 The party favors were in 
paper lunch sacks,
decorated with a simple smiley face sticker.
 Each of the kiddos received a 
smiley face stickers,
and smiley face fruit snacks.


the party occurred on the evening of our church's
H2O (His 2 Own) water event,
so when that ended,
I brought the kiddos inside... do a craft.
 I had plastic button backs and covers,
and the kiddos used
paper circles,
googly eyes,
and glue
to transform them into
Smiley Face Buttons.

By the time the kiddos finished their craft,
the pizzas were done cooking... we ate.

Since the company who provided water slides
for our H2O event 
wasn't picking up the slides until 7:30,
the kiddos got to go back outside...
 ...and enjoy the inflatables for another 45 minutes.



When the kiddos came back inside,
dried off,
and changed,
we had Baby Girl's...
 ...Smiley Face cupcakes.
I love "cupcake cakes"-
they are SO easy to make!

Slap on some yellow frosting and some Jr. Mints,
and the cupcakes are smiling...


After the cake and ice cream...
...Baby Girl opened her gifts.
Her friends were very generous-
lots of new art supplies
make this little girl happy...


we ended the evening with some games,
Pin the Smile on the Face

"Who Can Bounce the Smiley Face the Longest"
(MY fav)
"Pass the Smiley Orange-With Your Feet"

Since we had a few extra prizes...
...all the kiddos got to leave with a cute
little chalk holder-
which was SMILING, 
of course...


All in all,
I'd say this party...
...left Baby Girl smiling

Happy 8th Birthday,
my precious Baby Girl...

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