August 18th-24th

This was our first week of homeschooling
with little ones in tow...
...and I am exhausted.

But a good kind of exhausted,
if that's possible...



Spent the day with my
while she taught an
Essential Oils Class.

(I REALLY want to write more about
Young Living and all that we
use their oils for,
and perhaps someday I WILL do just that.)



At church early for band/choir rehearsal,
taught my NEW batch of
Kindergarten and 1st grade Sunday Schoolers,
ate lunch at the Chinese Buffet
and said good-bye to Nana and Papa,
took a quick nap,
went back to church for choir practice,
came home,
cleaned up the house,
prepped for school the next day.




Please see my
up later this week...



No little ones today,
so after school,
we headed out to Aldi
for some grocery shopping.

Later in the afternoon,
we net our new neighbors,
who have three kiddos,
a girl whose 8,
and two BOYS, ages 6 and 4.

Not only do they have boys
(there are really no boys
right around us for Little Wild Man
to play with),
they have ducks.


3 ducks.

If you can be
"in love at first site"
with another family,
I do believe our family has been
gobsmacked... ;0)



Smiley B and Mad Max were here,
so we spent the morning schooling
and the afternoon
playing at the new neighbors' house.

I mean-
they have DUCKS!

In the evening,
Miss Marie
came over for supper and crochet lessons.

She taught Jungle Girl to make a
cute little chick.

I am so impressed!



After we finished school,
we headed over to my parents'
for a bit.

Then we came back home,
and the kiddos played with those
new neighbor kiddos again...



We just did a little Science today
with the help of a Volcano kit
from the Smithsonian,
similar to THIS one.

We were "celebrating" the anniversary of
Mt. Vesuvius' destruction of Pompeii,
and what better way to do that
than by exploding something?

After getting the kit put together
and reading a bit about volcanoes,
we headed out to Wal-Mart
to pick up some supplies for
Baby Girl's
Smiley Face Birthday Party,
which was to occur the next evening.

When we got home,
we exploded the volcano,
and then headed out to
Smiley B's Birthday Party.

I later worked to about 1:00am
getting the rest of the details together
for Baby Girl's birthday party...

Which is why I am tired.


But a GOOD tired...


Read a photo play-by-play of the above collage
by clicking HERE...


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  1. You are funny! You will appreciate this: my dad wore a Superman t-shirt with a hat that had an attached ponytail to my rehearsal dinner. To put this more into context, I was married in a VERY formal church, and my husband's family is VERY Southern and proper. My dad is just a card and it destressed me right away when he showed up to practice walking me down the aisle in his Superman shirt. This is what I thought of when I saw your collage. Now, isn't that random??

    Hope you got some sleep!