10 in 10: Favorite Read Alouds

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Today's topic:
Top Ten Read Alouds


this is a HARD topic for me,
since I am a big children's literature fan.

I have tubs and tubs of children's books
in my garage...)

I have chosen to focus on 
picture books,
but there are MANY good chapter books
I could have chosen from too.


1.  Green Eggs and Ham
Dr. Seuss

You can't go wrong with Dr. Seuss, right?

I think the reason I love this books so much
as a read aloud is because of the
repetition and rhyme.

My kiddos are always chiming in with me
the further we get in the book...


2. Brown Bear,
Brown Bear,
What Do You See?
Bill Martin Jr.

Another children's classic,
this book is SUCH a great one to read aloud,
for the repetition.

I love to see if my kiddos can repeat back to me 
all the colors and animals
at the end of the story...


 3.  Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon
Patty Lovell

This book is loved by kiddos both
big and small!

It's message is about
making the most of what you are given,
and being proud of who you are,
"flaws" and all.

The illustrations MAKE the book,

I want to own every children's book
that David Catrow has illustrated...


4.  Curious George Learns the Alphabet
H.A. Rey

 ANY Curious George book is a good read aloud
in my opinion,
but this particular book
has a great way of illustrating the alphabet.

We used this book with Baby Girl
and Little Wild Man
to created alphabet art inspired
by H. A. Rey's illustrations...


5.  An Invitation to the Butterfly Ball:
A Counting Rhyme
Jane Yolen

"Knock Knock!
Who's come to call?
An invitation to the Butterfly Ball!

One little mouse in great distress,
looks all over for a floor-length dress.

If she can't find one, smaller than small,
then she can't go to the
Butterfly Ball."

I have these words imprinted on my brain
from my childhood.

At one point,
I had the entire book memorized-
it was my favorite!

The pictures in this book are

Not only is it written rhyme and repetition,
it also focuses on counting.

(I am sad to say you will have to purchase
this book used if you want one-
it is out of print...)


 6.  The Mitten
Jan Brett

I was first "introduced" to Jan Brett's books
during an education class in college
and I feel in love with them.

The Mitten, in particular,
is one of my favs
because of the borders she uses to help
with perdition in the story.

Her illustrations MAKE kiddos
want to listen to more...


7.  Mystery in Bugtown
William Boniface

I LOVE reading this story to my kiddos
because I get to put my
"acting skills"
to the test.

There are a host of characters in the story,
and I love to give them each their own accent,
which my kiddos seem to enjoy.

the set of giant
"wiggly eyes" gives each character
a hilarious appearance-
who doesn't like a good giggle
when they are reading?


8.  Willy Bear
Mildred Kantrowitz

This is another classic story
from my childhood.

It is about a boy who is getting ready to go to school
for the first time,
and he keeps asking his bear if he is nervous-
transposing his own fears onto
his best fluffy friend.

It is such a sweet story,
and a good story to cuddle up and read
to any kiddo who is nervous about
a new experience...


 9. Llama Llama Red Pajama
Anna Dewdney

I think I read this story about 
5,000 times to my kiddos over the years-


I do to,
because who isn't scared of the night sometimes?

Little Llama just has a honest way of expressing
his fear,
and Mama Llama knows just what to say to
comfort her little one...


10.  Where the Wild Things Are
Maurice Sendak

Let the wild rumpus begin!

another book form my childhood
that I am 
to share with my own kiddos.

Every kiddo gets mad with their parents
and this book just illustrates
how one little boy uses his imagination to 
"cool off."

A classic...


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  1. Great selection of books. Lots of titles I have not heard of. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You have lots of our favs from this reading level. My husband memorized Green Eggs & Ham after reading to my kids so many times.