TOS Crew Review: Math Rider

When we received
the math facts game called... review,
the kiddos were excited to start using it,
and I was relieved.

My kiddos do pretty well with math concepts,
but I know they needed work with
the memorization of the facts,
and I was hoping that 
would be the solution to this issue.
I believe it IS the solution,
and a FUN solution at that!


Jungle Girl, who is 9,
was the only one of my kiddos at the moment
that needs to use this program,
since it centers around grades 2-6.
She enjoyed the "adventure" immediately!

Jungle Girl has a love for all things
adventurous and magical,
not to mention an appreciation for horses,
so this review game was right up her ally.

After downloading the program to our laptop
(it was very easy to do!),
I registered all of my kiddos in the program
(even though my younger kiddos
won't be able to use the program until next year).

I could go ahead and registrar them all since a license
covers up to eight students-

I gave them all "adventurous"names,

 ...Jungle Girl the Great.

 Then Jungle Girl began her "adventure" through...
 ...The Mathlands.


The program guides your kiddo through different 
mysterious lands... which they have to complete a  series
of obstacles
(aka basic math facts)
in order to move further in the game.

Whenever a level is completed,
the kiddos receives
a new object...
...which decorates their personal landscape.

It seems like such a simple reward,
but it sure has been encouraging Jungle Girl
to get in the game and practice her math facts.


The game also has a feature that enables
parents to track...
...their kiddo's progression in the program.

Math Rider is a downloadable program
that you pay a license to use on your computer.

 Currently this program is on sale for

I TRULY think this is a STEAL,
since it can be used for up to 8 kiddos
to practice
addition, subtraction,
multiplication, and division facts
in a FUN way.

So fun, in fact,
I think my younger kiddos...

...are waiting with bated breath
until they can try it out!

Please click HERE to try Math Rider out
for your kiddos...


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I received this product free in exchange for my
open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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