I'm blushing...

 I received an email today
that left me smiling from
ear to ear...
elementary education degree
 I have been put on
Teacher Certification Degrees'
This site is a great resource 
for teachers in all areas.

On their site it says:

"Our lists of top teaching blogs provide
an inside look into the thoughts and classrooms
of successful teachers who work to help students
reach their academic potential.
These top teacher bloggers share
helpful ideas, resources, and experiences
that can help future and existing teachers
be more successful."

The different lists teachers 
can draw from on this site include:

I really blushed when I read the email,
because my blog is listed
amongst the likes of:

There are many other lovely blogs 
listed in this collection,
so please check the list out...
I am truly honored!


  1. Congratulations! I have to admit it was cool to get that email and see that they actually have READ my blog, and listed posts I'd written.

  2. Congrats! You totally deserve it!