Christmas Countdown Days 12, 14, 15, and 16

We are all caught up with our
Advent Calendar today-

And, I must say, the closer
we get to Christmas,
the more I continue to ENJOY these


Day 12: Census

On the morning of Day 12,
kiddos found Chester...
...playing with an abacus.

Chester was hinting towards
the fact that we were going to talk about the 
census that Caesar Augustus
took the year of Jesus' birth.


After re-reading Luke 2:1-7,
Truth in the Tinsel suggested making an
"I Spy" type ornament,
which we did,
with a few modifications...
 The kiddos drew faces on two wooden beads... represent Mary and Joseph.
 Then they placed the travelers in a 
clear plastic ornament...
...filled it with rice...
...and decorated the outside of the ornament
with paint pen pictures
of Bethlehem buildings.

(I wonder if Mary and Joseph felt like
a tiny grain of rice in a sea of people
when they arrived in Bethlehem 
for the census...)


Day 14: Stable

On the morning of the 14th...
 ...Chester was hanging out in the
Christmas Tree...
...near the stable ornament. 

The kiddos made a "modern" stable ornament for
this day... decorating a small wooden barn with paint pens.


Day 15: Manger
Day 16: Clothes

On Day 16, we found Chester all
nice a cozy...
...wrapped up in a baby quilt,
and lying in Baby Blue's Bouncy Seat.

These days' ornaments were combined
into one,
starting with...
 ...painting an egg carton section,
which became a mini-manger.

...the kiddos glued yarn into the cups... complete their mangers.

To create Day's 16 section of the ornament...
...they began by creating a mini baby Jesus...
 ...out of beads.

 Once they babies were dry..
 ...they were wrapped in cloth...
...and placed in their mangers.

bring on Day 17...

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  1. I love how you incorporate chester into this! What fun for your kids to discover him and find a clue to the day's craft. This makes me want to go buy an elf now and do that for next year. :) Also, the rice in the plastic ornament is genius. Our baby food jar has been hammered all across the house (not broken yet, but we are waiting for it to happen.) :) Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.