Bible Alive! Tuesday: Letters to Boru

Super Dad and I decided
(a little over a year ago)
to sponsor a child through the program
Food for the Hungry.

His name is...
...Boru, and he lives in...
...Kenya, Africa.

Though we never have him far from our hearts...
(Please note how he is displayed on our fridge
with our other family pictures)

...we have never written him any personal

(I know, I know-
what kind of sponsors are we?)

So, this past week,
the kiddos and I put together some 
pictures and notes for Boru,
in an effort to connect with him more.
Jungle Girl created...
...a picture of our dogs for him.
Baby Girl made...
...a layout of our neighborhood.
Little Wild Man drew...
...Super Dad driving our van around town.

And I mad sure...
...to slip in some treats for Boru to
share with his buddies at school.

We all prayed for him and his family,
and we are going to try to do BETTER about
corresponding with him.

Having Boru in our lives really helps the kiddos
(and myself)
put our love for Christ in action,
which, of course,
makes the Bible come Alive!


Have any fun ways that you have
made the Bible come Alive! for your kiddos

Please share 'em below!



  1. At some point we need to look more seriously into sponsoring a child. I know Jeff was before we got married, but I need to find out if he still is.

    In a bit of coolness we're currently praying for a family that was saved when one of the people in our small group went over to India for a short term mission trip.

  2. I had hoped to link up sometime during the week - but never managed to get my thoughts together for a proper Bible themed post - there's so much coming at us so fast this month - it's all a blur! Thanks for the push to write to our sponsored children - we almost never write either :(