TOS Crew Review: Northstar Games- "Wits and Wagers"

 Who doesn't like a good board game?

I have always been a fan of "guessing" games,
such as Trivial Pursuit, Taboo, and Guesstures,
so when we were given a game from...
 ...North Star Games to review,
I was intrigued...


 North Star Games currently makes three games:

We received...
a kid-friendly version of the 
award-winning origional
Wits and Wagers.

The game is pretty easy easy to play,
which is SO NICE,
especially when you have kiddos 
choppin' at the bit to play...


 Every person
(or team)
 ...which "Meeple" he/she wants to be.

 ...are little wooden characters
you use in the game to represent yourself.

After the Meeples are designated,
the game can begin!

Everyone is given...
 ...a question to answer.

Answers to all the questions will be a number,
so each person...
...makes a guess...
 ...and places the guess in the middle of the table.

If you like your answer the best,
you place your Meeple People on your card.

If you think your answer is WAAAAAAAY off,
place your Meeples on someone else's answer-
or divide them up-
one on your own card, another Meeple on 
some else's card.

After all the "wagers" are made...
...flip the card over to see the answer.

You may discover... FAR OFF...
 ...your answers were!

But that's OK,
'cause the person with the closest answer
gets the points,
and so does anybody else whose Meeples are on
that card.

The game goes pretty quickly...
...since you only need a total of 15 points to win.


We had...
...SO MUCH FUN playing the game!

The kiddos pretty-much attached their Dad
when he got home from work
in order to get him to play the game
with them again...

We HIGHLY recommend it for a 
good time with the family-
and it turned out to be a fun way
to learn some Math in the process!


North Star games can be found
in local stores like Target
and specialty toy shops.

the game is listed as $19.95.

To find a store near you that carries
the game,
you can click HERE.


So if you are a...
...quizzical kind of mood,
check out
Wits and Wagers Family
to "tickle" your fancy!


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to say about the game by clicking HERE...


Disclaimer: I received this game free
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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