TOS Crew Review: Marshall Publishing- Fire Safety (and a bit of George Washington Carver, too!)

Have you ever have a teaching emergency...
...which involves fire safety?

OK, perhaps not-

BUT you may have been searching
for some kind of curriculum
that teaches your family about fire safety.

If this is the case, 
you need not go any further than...


This company has a JAM-PACKED resource
about fires and fire safety called...

The book and DVD use songs, colorful pictures,
drawings, and interesting tidbits
to educate 
(and their parents)
about fire safety.


Both the DVD and book use...
...Firefighter Joe as a "tour guide."


The DVD has Firefighter Joe discussing different 
aspects fo fires and fire safety with a group of kiddos.

In between some of these informative segments,
there are several songs which help imbed
fire safety concepts,
like "Call 911" and "Stop, Drop, and Roll,"
into a kiddo's brain.

Perhaps what interested my kiddos the most 
during the DVD were...
 ...the scenes of actual fires...
 ...firefighters in action...
  ...and, of course...
 ...lots and lots...
...of cool FIRETRUCKS!


Overall, I would "rate" the DVD
as extremely educational,
but my older kiddos were not as impressed 
with the "tunes" of the songs.

We are a "rockin' and a rollin'" family,
I suppose,
so some of these tunes for the older kiddos 
were too close to the "Barney" scale for them.

these songs would especially be effective for 
younger kiddos
(pre-K through 1st),
and, even though they wouldn't want to admit,
my older kiddos will have these tunes
stuck in their heads,
which means they will be retaining the lessons, too!


Now, the book MORE than made up for
what the songs lacked in the
"coolness" department...

 This book is FULL TO THE BRIM
with all types of "fire" information, such as...
 ...firefighter attire...
 ...different varieties of fire trucks...
 ...the science behind what makes a fire...
 ...all kinds of history facts...
 ...interesting illustrations and colorful photos of fires... entire chapter dedicated to the 
Old Time Firefighter Alphabet...
...Fire House recipes...
 ...locations of firefighter museums...
...and the lyrics to the songs on the DVD.


I am telling you,
this book would make an EXCELLENT 
unit of study for any
kiddo who thinks he/she wants to be
a firefighter one day.

OR it would be a great resource 
during Fire Safety Week
for any homeschooling family.


You can buy the book and DVD together
for the web sale price of $29.95,
or separately for
$14.95 for the book and
$19.95 for the DVD.


Now, Marshall Publishing
produces SO MANY MORE
that I would be remiss if I didn't talk
a little bit about another DVD I received
from them about...

After viewing that DVD, 
I felt truly inspired.

Carver was a man who let his 
love for God and learning
truly bless his fellow man.

I can't wait to use this DVD
with my kiddos-
(I think upper elementary
or middle school
is when I will use it with them)
 I think it will teach them 
 about a variety of subjects,
including Science and History.

I will also look into their other 
biographical DVD's for our future studies.

They are simply done,
but very informative at the same time.

And at $19.95,
I think the DVD is very fairly priced for all
that you could teach from it.


 So, grab a bag of peanuts and head on
to explore
their wonderful educational resources...


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Disclaimer:  I received these products free
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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  1. It's hard not to be inspired by the life of George Washington Carver!