TOS Crew Review: E-Mealz

 I was 
when I found out my family had the opportunity 
to review...

The way the website works is as simple as...
 ...1, 2, 3!

1.  Choose a Plan

The site plans weekly meals for your family,
based upon weekly grocery ad sales.

There are a VARIETY of plans to choose from,
which include:

Ralphs (CA)
and many, many more...
(Just click HERE to see the list.)

The plans are made for either 2 person families
or 4-6 person families.


2.  Print & Go Shopping

I cannot stress that enough!

Here is my van's trunk...
 ...after our first shopping trip with the list.
Now, all theses bags contain MORE than what's on
the grocery list.  E-meals only provide
supper plans,
so I had to get my other items
for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

With the guidance of...
...this list, 
PLANNING my week's grocery list 
was a BREEZE...


3.  Cook & Enjoy

Here is a picture of...
 ...the "Grand Central Station"
of our kitchen.

In the midst of all our important reminders...
 ...the E-meals plan is tacked up,
ready to assist me with our evening meals.

The first meal I decided to try with the family was...
 ...Meal 3: Tilapia Po' Boys.

The meal plan contains 7 dinner meals,
with a main dish and a couple of side item suggestions.

Beside each meal listing... the list of ingredients that will be needed
to prepare the meal.

 Next to the ingredients list...
...are easy to follow, step-by-step cooking directions.

Here is our meal... progress...
(Don't forget the yummy sides!)
What a spread!

Did my little taste testers approve?

...Little Wild Man LOVED the Po' Boy
(and chips)...
...Baby Girl adored the Broccoli Salad
(and chips)...
...and Jungle Girl-
my PICKY eater-
only liked the chips,
which IS an accomplishment!

Super Dad and I enjoyed every last bite
of the entire meal,
so much so that I have already
made this meal again with the extra
Tilapia I purchased!


So, is the COST of this plan worth it?


you  will receive a 3 month

Think about it-
they do all the planning for you,
so that $15 DEFINITELY saves you
on the time end,
and it WILL save you money, too,
if you follow the plan.

I mean, if DAVE RAMSEY recommends it,
there must be something to it...


Check out more money saving tips on the 
E-meals blog,
Make Time for Family,
by clicking HERE...

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I received a free three month subscription
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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  1. I am SO impressed with all your real life pics! LOVE the back o' the van filled with yummy stuff. :)