Bible Alive! Tuesday: "Jesus Wants All of Me" Mini-Me

Our church is doing a church wide
study right now over the book...

It is a really well-written,
and, most importantly,
life CHALLENGING book.

I am really enjoying it!

there is no children-friendly curriculum
for this book,
so our WONDERFUL children's minister
has had to create lessons for us 
Sunday School teachers
to go along with what all the adults
are discussing.

And, let me just say,
that is quite a challenge,
especially when we are dealing with passages like...

Oh yes-
I got to talk to my K-firsties 
Jesus wants us to hate Nana...


this, of course, was NOT the point
Jesus was making in this passage.

Jesus wants to be our ONE and ONLY.

As Kyle puts it,
"Jesus isn't just saying,
'I want to be first place in your life.'
He is saying, 'I don't even want there to be
a second place.' "
(Chapter 4, page 59)

Therefore, the Bible Point of the day was...
...Jesus wants all of me.


To help the kiddos understand the importance of focusing
ALL of yourself on one thing,
we played a game.

I had them do the following list of activities one at a time,
and THEN they had to do them ALL at the SAME time:

1.  Bob your head up and down.
2.  March in place.
3.  Make your right arm turn in circles.
4.  Make your left arm turn in circles.
5.  Quack like a duck.
6.  Turn around.

After playing the game,
all the kiddos agreed it was much easier
to focus on one task at a time
than doing everything at once.

We then discussed the verse,
and how Jesus wants all of 
our focus-our time-


As a reminder of the day's discussion,
the kiddos completed a simple craft...
...a "Jesus Wants All of Me!"
I gave each of the kiddos one of THESE sheets...
...set out the markers...
 ...colorful scrap paper...
...buttons and googly eyes,
and let 'em create mini versions of themselves.

Our Mini-Me Gallery

I think they ALL did beautifully...
So, how did you make the Bible come ALIVE!
for your kiddos this week?

Please link up your fun below...


  1. I haven't heard of Not A Fan- I'll have to check that one out! I love how you brought the concept down to the children's level. You came up with such a creative game and craft that really help get the main point across!

  2. It is so hard sometimes to relate things like that to kids. Good job with what you did!