wiww: Don't Be Tardy for the Party...

If you don't know from my post title,
I will SADLY admit that I occasionally watch
"Housewives of Atlanta-New York-Orange County-etc."

So I found Kim Zolciak's song
"Don't Be Tardy for the Party"
running through my head this past week
due to all the "partying" I did...


"Time to Party Like a Night Owl"

It was Baby Girl's first official
birthday party sleepover,
so I needed to be cute and comfy...


"Time to Party at the Roller Rink"

After sending home some of our sleepover guests,
my kiddos (plus two extra) and I
headed to the Roller Rink for another
birthday party...
Here's a pic of one of our sleepover guests
helping me get ready... :0)


"Time to Party Plan for a Wedding Shower"

I met with a group of lovely ladies from church
in the evening to plan a wedding shower
for a sweet couple...



Let me just say,
all of my "partying" has left me longing
for a good nap!


To check out more party worthy attire,
head on over to
"what i wore wednesdays"...

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  1. Love Tuesdays skirt, I am always wanting to wear more skirts but it never happens!