A Tale of Two Y's...

This week this kiddos...
...had a chance to get their feet wet-

Jungle Girl, Little Wild Man, and Baby Girl
all started their first week
of swimming lessons at two different

Why to different Y's, you may wonder?

Because I procrastinated and wasn't able to get
their lessons at the same Y's due to full class loads.

Moving On...


First up for lessons...
...was Little Wild Man.His class was at the Northside Y...
...with a wonderful lady named Miss Terri.

See the look of TERROR on his face?

(Well, maybe terror is too strong of a word...)
He WAS very nervous...
...but as the class went on...
...he loosened up a bit...

(Really- he did- ignore the stiff look on his face...)
...and started to have fun...
...and even had a smile!


In the afternoon... was time for Jungle Girl...
...and Baby Girl to get wet... the Cansler YMCA.

(Don't those slides look like fun?)
The girls are in the same class
with Miss Melina as their teacher...
Here they are working on blowing bubbles underwater...
...which you can note by my girls' faces that
is not quite their favorite part yet.

Getting their faces wet is truly the biggest hurdle
in swimming for all my kiddos...
I will say though,
after only four lessons... girls are well on their way to
"Mermaid Status!"
Here are all the girls,
eagerly waiting instructions from Miss Melina...
I am so glad the kiddos have had such
a good week with their first
swimming lessons!



  1. We need to get our lessons going too - I'm waiting for the later summer sessions, so we don't have a library/VBS/swimming frenzy right at the beginning of summer.

    I hope Little Wild Man ends up enjoying himself!

  2. That does seem like a better idea than just throwing them in the water like we do. :)