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This is
"Dance Madness" Week
for our family.

Both of our girls
will perform five different times
and with extra rehearsals,
they are at the Carousel Theater
for five days this week.

Since they do not get to eat supper until
after their performance,
I needed to find a fun and inexpensive way
to keep... beautiful girls satisfied
after all their hard work.

...The McHockman Happy Meal.

I already had some chicken nuggets in the fridge,
so after running to the store
to purchase some fries
(on sale),
I was able to put together a homemade Happy Meal
with supplies that were lying around the house.

I wanted to give them their fries with
fast food flair,
so I created some packaging with the use of
card stock, stickers, and markers.
First, I took half a sheet of card stock
and laid it horizontally in front of me.
Then I folded up one of the corners
towards the middle of the card stock.
I folded the other side in the same manner.
After folding up the a bottom section
to close off the container...
...I placed a labeling sticker to seal it closed.
After filling the container with fries,
it was ready to go into the happy meal...
...along with some chicken nuggets, ketchup, water,
yogurt, smarties, napkins...
...and a prize,
of course!
Here they are...
...packed and ready... fill up some bellies...
...and bring out some smiles!


I will be linking this up with
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  1. That is so cute!! My boys would love it!

  2. That is really cute : ) I saw you on Tatertots & Jello!

  3. Very good idea! My monkeys always want Happy Meals, but almost never actually eat them - this is a perfect solution!

  4. This is such a cute idea! I love the fry containter:)

  5. How fun. I bet they were thrilled with these cute meals!