Timberdoodle Review: A Kid's Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the United States

Do you have a little artist in your family?
Are you looking for a way to engage this kiddo
in history,
using his/her talent and passion for art?

Then HURRY over to Timberdoodle and check out...
...A Kid's Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the USA

With the use of 42 books,
American History is covered through all of the Presidents,
from George Washington to George W. Bush.


We received
How to Draw the Life and Times of Andrew Johnson
to review,
which is wonderful,
since he is a President from our native
Tennessee.Each section contains well-written, historical information...
...and a well-illustrated drawing lesson
on something that related to the history lesson.


Now, my Jungle Girl is a recent 3rd grade "graduate"
and a MAJOR horse fanatic,
so she chose to focus...
...on learning to draw Andrew Johnson......as a Brigadier General.


With the use of the easy
step-by-step instructions....
...she was able to create her own version...
...of the Brigadier General.


These books can be adapted for several ages,
though the drawings really seem suited for
3rd graders and up.

...my Preschooler...
...and my 1st grader both wanted to
get in on the fun,
just like their older sister did,
making these books a great resource
for family learning.


Now, these books are no longer going to be published,
so Timberdoodle is offering a
FANTASTIC deal on the entire set right now.

all 42, library bound, colorfully illustrated books,
would sell for $1, 060.50.

They are now on sale for
ONLY $195.00!!!!!

(That's a savings of $865.50!!!)

once the books are gone,
they are GONE,
so make sure to check out this fantastic deal
by clicking HERE.


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Disclaimer: I received this book free from Timberdoodle
in exchange for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.


  1. C loves to draw and he loves to learn about presidents - this would be great for him.

    1. I just discovered the presidents set of drawing books on Timberdoodle but see that they have sold out. Do you by any chance know of anyone who has the complete set for sale? We are studying the presidents now and I would so much love to have a set.
      Norma Jean Wallace (334) 429-5147 Olwomanintheshoe@aol.com