Bible Alive! Tuesday: Music Machine

"Bow bow chica chica bow bow"

This phrase was ingrained into my brain
at an early age due to...
...this album.

"Music Machine" is a fantasy journey
of two kiddos into Agapeland,
where they meet
"The Conductor" and learn about
the Fruit of the Spirit through
a variety of fun songs.

I still, to this day, sing
"Have Patience" to myself when I
"get in such a hurry"...

(AND my father played the conductor
when I was in Preschool and our church
did a production of the "Music Machine,"
another reason I have such fond memories of
these songs...)


So, for this summer, I have ordered...
and plan on teaching my kiddos about
the Fruit of the Spirit.

Feel free to join us weekly as we explore
the Fruit of the Spirit
(Galatians 5:22-25).

I will keep you posted about our personal
"Music Machine" adventures
through Bible Alive! Tuesdays...


AND, I want to know what YOU have been doing
to make the Bible come Alive! for your kiddos this week-
please link up your fun below...


  1. Wow...that's a blast from the past for me! When I was super young...like eight...we did the Music Machine as a play in our church. I think I was a butterfly? Or I really really really wanted to be a butterfly? IDK. But our Pastor was the snail. I do remember that!


    Looking forward to trackin' with you on the Fruit of the Spirit!


  2. How fun! I can't wait to see what you do. I found a copy of the original Music Machine on CD for my kids, and play it for them from time to time. It hasn't caught on quite like Psalty, but ti's pretty popular.