wWww: Everyone's Ready for Easter!

This past week was Easter,
so I am focusing on what the
kiddos and I wore on Sunday-
"what "i" wore wednesday"
"what "we" wore wednesday"...


Sunday Morning
Went to church,
sang with the choir,
and thanked Jesus for his
ultimate sacrifice for us all...


Sunday Afternoon
The kiddos obliged me by posing
after church for a
"Mommy Photo Shoot"
in the Prayer Garden...


Oh, and I had to throw this shot in...
These are my kiddos with another families' kiddos-
in order-
by height and age.

Now, my kiddos' clothes are store bought,
but the other girls' dresses and boys' ties
are made by Betsy over at Just Sew Sweet...

Aren't they ADORABLE?

You can check her out by going to her Facebook page
or her blog.

She is doing some wonderful work-
please head on over and give her some love! :0)


For other fun fashions,
head on over to
"what i wore wednesday"...

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