We Arrrrrr Pirates!

This week was our last Monday Fun class.
so what is a better way to send off the kiddos
than by talking about


After reading...
...How I Became a Pirate to the kiddos,
(SUCH a fun story!)
I led the kiddos in making their own
mini Pirate ships.

The items we used to make the ships included:

Egg carton cups
Modeling clay
Glue sticks
Pirate Sails Printable
(Cottage Industrialist has many other fun Pirate printables
for free you should check out by clicking HERE.)
First, the kiddos decorated their egg carton cups
with the markers.
Then the kiddos put a lump of clay
into the bottom of the cup.
Then the kiddos put the sails together with
the glue sticks and taped them onto the toothpicks.
Finally the kiddos put their flags into the clay,
and they were ready to set sail!


After completing the ships...
...the kiddos dress up as Pirates...
...and Pirate Princesses...


Now, they were ready... play a Pirate game!
Using their ships as game pieces...
...the kiddos spent the rest of the class sailing
to seek their treasure
with the use of the game board
from THIS Pirate Preschool Lapbook...


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  1. Oh your boats are ADORABLE!! And don't your kids make the BEST pirates' faces!!!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty! Great to see you there!


  2. I love the pirate ships! I was thinking of using walnut shells.....

  3. Those are the cutest pirate ships ever! And, I love how the kids were able to use their ship crafts as game pieces. Great idea!

  4. My husband IS a professional pirate but none of my children are in the least bit interested! It's frustrating that they don't realize how cool dad is!

    VERY cute class, btw.

  5. The pirates and the game looks great! What a fun way to play!

    Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  6. Definitely going to have to go check out the pirate game link! My son is OBSESSED with pirates right now. Love your little boats - wonder if they'd float if we used a styrofoam egg carton cup? hmmm... Thanks for linking up at Feed Me Books Friday!