TOS Review: Kinderbach

We L-O-V-E music in this house.

Yep, we sure do.

I find my kiddos singing songs
all the time-
in the weirdest place-
like on the toilet...

(But, I digress...)

So, when I received the opportunity to review...
...the KinderBach On-Line Curriculum,
I was greatly intrigued...

This site offers music/piano lessons for ages 3-7,
with the use of just a SIMPLE keyboard...


Now, I just want you to know this because you
to go out and buy a Baby Grand to complete
these lessons.
The site actually recommends a simple,
no bells and whistles,
though if you already OWN a Baby Grand,
I am CERTAIN it would work too. :0)


A typical lesson starts with a short intro about
what will be learned,
and then, the FUN begins...

Session One contained...
...the "High and Low" song.
While the music plays, the kiddos at home are instructed
to stand up/reach up high when the song sounds "high"
and crouch down low when the song sounds "low."

Next, the kiddos get to listen to a song and story...
...introducing Dodi the Donkey,
one of the Piano Pals.
In the story/song,
the kiddos learn how Dodi acquired his house
on the two black keys of the keyboard.
Then the kiddos get to color a sheet
(which you print off from the website)
about the location of Dodi's house.

...the kiddos watch another song...
...and color on another sheet to begin to learn about
finger placement on the keyboard.

(You can actually have the kiddos try our lessons
one and two, for FREE,
by clicking HERE.)


In later lessons, your kiddos will learn...

...exactly how Dodi's house relates... the entire keyboard.
See those little place cards above?
They are pictures of Dodi's house,
and Miss Karri showing your kiddos how his house
can be found in several places on the keyboard
with the use of a song they can play.


To know EXACTLY what else
your child will be taught in Level One,
you can read the site's detailed syllabus...

Syllabus for Level One:

- Familiarity with the black and white keyboard landscape.
- Aural discrimination of high and low sounds as well as loud and quiet.
- Music term “Piano” means quiet or soft.
- Quarter note, half note and the beat value of these symbols in common time.
- Keeping the beat with rhythm instruments and on the piano.
- Distinguishing left and right hands.
- Finger numbers for playing keyboard.
- Introduction to songs that will be used for Kodaly Solfege.
- Introduction to pre-Staff note reading by patterns.

(Click HERE to see all the Syllabi for all Seven Levels)


Cost for On-Line Membership:
$7.99 a month - Billed in a one time annual payment of $95.88
(Great Value! Save 60%)
monthly subscription - Billed monthly for a year
(12 separate payments)
If you prefer,
you can purchase the KinderBach Curriculum
in a variety of DVD packages,prices ranging from
$40.45(for one level)
up to
(for all the levels).

(Click HERE for more information.)


Now, this may seem pricey,
but if you consider sending your child to a weekly
piano lesson could cost
around $200-$400 for a years's worth of lessons,
this curriculum is a BARGAIN!

Also, the site tries to keep costs down by providing...
...all the printouts for you.

If any other items are needed,
their cost is usually minimal
(like crayons or glue)
...their FREE!
This "beat maker" Miss Karri is using is a recycled
juice jug!


So, my recommendation for this program?

Try out the free lessons,
and I am pretty sure you will be impressed,
trying to find out a way to provide this
curriculum for your kiddos...


Oh, and if you find the on-line lessons a
why not try to win 3 months for free... having your kiddos try out this contest?

(Click HERE for the details...)

For more information about KinderBach
and all that it has to offer,
click HERE.


Disclaimer: I received a subscription for this product free
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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