TOS Review: GoGo Kabongo

GoGo Kabongo... a deceptively educational site.

I say "deceptive" because my kiddos really
were having too much fun
"playing" the games
to realize that they were


This educational gaming site is geared
for ages 4-7,
but depending upon the needs of your child,
the games could be used for other ages also.

Because, you see,
what "hooks" the kiddos
(regardless of their age)
from the beginning
is the...
...avatar maker.

Before the kiddos start playing...
...they get to decide the "look" of their critter
for the games.
This is Little Wild Man's avatar-
handsome, ain't he?


After creating an avatar,
your kiddo will be welcomed into the
GoGo Kahongo World... a cast of kookie and crazy characters.

Then, they can choose from three different worlds
to visit:
Each of the worlds offers a variety of different games,
and since each of these games have different levels,
your kiddo will NEVER have a CHANCE to get bored!

The games are all focused
on gearing your child up for reading,
by working on the following skills:

There is also a section that informs parents of their
kiddos' skill progress,
and printouts and other activity ideas
available to keep the learning going at home.


AGAIN, the games are SO fun...
(I know, I know, I have SAID this before...)
...I mean, look at my little dude
skateboarding for letters...
...and steering a submarine towards different sea critters.

After successfully completing different games,
your kiddo can receive rewards,
like stickers for the comic book,
ramps for the skate park,
or furniture for the tree house.

These rewards lead to even MORE fun
places to play...


Side note:
My Little Wild Man (age 5), was having so much fun
with GoGo Kabongo that his sister...
...Baby Girl (age 6, to be 7 in July)
wanted to play to.

Since I only have one subscription to review,
I signed Baby Girl up for the free online games...

(You can sign YOUR kiddos up for the free games
to by clicking HERE.)
(Here is her cutie-patootie Avatar...)
She SO enjoyed playing...

AND... eldest, Jungle Girl (age 8, almost 9),
had to get her own account too!


So, go check out the site by clicking HERE-

But ONLY if you want your kiddos to THIS about learning! :0)


Disclaimer: I received this product free for my
open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.


  1. I LOVE your review, and your pictures are priceless. My kids liked the game, too (ages 3,5,7).



  2. Too cute!! I will have to check those out!

    Side note...I didn't realize our daughers were so close in age! Mine turns 7 in late June! :)