Bible Alive! Tuesday: Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection Eggs are
the World Wide Web
during Easter...

(Click HERE and HERE and HERE
for different versions of the craft.
Also, Tish from Adventures in Mommydom
has a neat idea for turning
the Resurrection Eggs into a bracelet-
check it out by clicking HERE.)


I think Resurrection Eggs are an EXCELLENT way
to present Jesus' crucifixion to kiddos......so when Little Wild Man
brought home a set he made in church......I was not at all surprised by the fact that
he couldn't WAIT to show them all to me.


Here are his eggs:
Egg 1: "Donkey Hair"
(A curl of doll hair)
Represents Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on a donkey
(Matthew 21:1-9)
Egg 2: Coins
Represents Judas accepting 30 coins
(Matthew 26:14-16)
Egg 3: Plastic Communion Cup
Represents the Last Supper
(Matthew 26:26-28)

Egg 4: Praying Hands
(not pictured- sorry!)
Represents Jesus in the garden
(Mark 14)
Egg 5: "Whip"
(Piece of leather cord)
Represents the soldiers whipping Jesus
(John 19)
Egg 6: Twig
Represents the Crown of Thorns
(Matthew 27)
Egg 7: Cross
Represents the cross Jesus was crucified on
(John 19: 16-18)
Egg 8: Dice
Represent the guards casting lots for Jesus' robes
(John 19:26)Egg 9: "Spear"
Represents the soldier's spear that pierced Jesus' side
(John 19: 31-37)
Egg 10: A Piece of Linen
Represents Jesus' body being wrapped
(Matthew 27:57)Egg 11: A Stone
Represents the stone placed in front of the tomb
(Matthew 28: 1-4)
Egg 12: An Empty Egg
Represents the empty tomb
(Matthew 28:5-8)


I would love to know how you
made the Bible come Alive! for your kiddos
this week-
please link up below...


  1. I have never done this with my children. I always intend to do it, but it never happens. I'm adding it to my MUST do list for next year.

  2. Hee hee hee, I had a Bible proffessor in college who called me Tish.

    My kids love their "Jesus eggs," and drag them out whenever they find them to play with them. It cracks me up.

  3. Could he look any happier? I love it when the kids are anxious to share what they've learned!

  4. Oops- sorry TICIA- it is a typo- I really do know your name- I just was doing this LATE last night! :0)

  5. I understand, it's not a problem. It just cracked me up.