TOS Review: Zeezok Movie Guide

We love movies in our house.

Yup, we sure do.

So, I JUMPED at the chance to review
an educational movie guide from...
The guides are written to challenge
kiddos in Middle and High School,
and occasionally upper Elementary,
depending on the movie.

We received...
Well, we L-O-V-E our American Girls
in this household,
and we even own Miss Kittredge,
so "forcing" us to watch...
...the Kitt movie, AGAIN, I tell ya,
was just torturous. (Ha!)


The way the guide works
begins before watching the movie,
by reading historical background
and a synopsis of the movie.

Then the students have a series of questions
to answer during the movie.

Afterwords, there are several other lessons,
all relating to topics from the movie:

Activity 2: Research the Great Depression
Activity 3: I Need a Sign
(Info about the Hobo "Sign" Language)
Activity 4: Vocabulary Can Be Depressing
(Vocabulary from the Great Depression)
Activity 5: Something New, Fresh, and Real
(Writing an article for the newspaper
like Kitt did)
Activity 6: Fashion Runway: Great Depression-Style
(Creating a Power Point about the 1930's Fashion)
Activity 7: Who Am I?
(Identifying the Characters in the Movie)
Activity 8: Literary Devices: Ironic Foreshadowing or
Foreshadowing Irony
Activity 9: Worldview: Pride and Prejudice in the 1930s
Activity 10: The Filmmaker’s Art and Dramatic License


Since these activities were a bit above my kiddo's
educational abilities,
I will be hanging onto them to do in the future.

The background info I read, though, really helped me
lead a more educational discussion
with the kiddos as we watched the movie.

(We really got into the idea of the secret
"sign" language of Hobos
because of the information provided in the guide...)


At the end of the movie guide,
there is a Family Discussion section,
which keeps the "ball rolling" for the family,
even after completing the guides activities.


There are SO MANY guides to choose from,
(over 20),
and at only $12.99 a piece,
Zeezok provides a fun way to make
media deeper educational experience...


For more information about the guides
that are offered,
please click HERE.

For more about all the quality products
Zeekzok offers,
please click HERE.


Disclaimer: I received this product free for my
open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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  1. Interesting. I've been meaning to check out the Hobo "sign" - we have some graffiti around town that looks suspiciously like it, and I'd like to know if it means something :)