Math Monday: Jewlery Sorting (otherwise known as Wonder Mom being lazy...)

In my hurry to get ready one morning last week,
I accidentally knocked 20+ year old Caboodle.

(Oh yeah, a was into stylish organization
back in my '80's middle school years...)
My earrings were a H-U-G-E mess!

So, being the lazy mother that I am,
I took this opportunity
to put my younger kiddos to work undoing my mess,
which resulted in some Math sorting practice for them.

(A housekeeping task AND homeschooling lesson
all wrapped, (or should I "tangled")
up into one little activity- SCORE!)
Baby Girl enjoyed doing this activity for a while,
since she is an accessory junkie,
just like her Mama...
...but Little Wild found the task boring
after a bit.

(I do have to give him credit for sticking with
the chore for a good 20 minutes or so-
I mean, it WAS organizing jewelry
instead of Monster Trucks...)
They definitely got a lot accomplished for me,
which I am truly grateful for, and
they even learned something in the process...


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  1. Love the idea and the faces! There is much learning in the activity too...matching, counting in pairs, etc.