TOS Review: Dig It! Games- Roman Town

OK, what kiddo DOESN'T want to
play a video game during school?

And what parent/teacher doesn't want
their kiddos to ENJOY learning?

Well, let me just say that...
...Dig It! Games:
Roman Town

would be a wise choice for
a fun, educational video game for
any homes, public, or private school

This interactive CD lets kiddos explore the
archeological site...
...of Fossura, in Ancient Rome.

Kiddos are instructed very clearly how throughout
the game how to operate in different areas,
such as...
...the digging site,
where each of an archaeologist's tools
are concisely defined.
As the kiddos help their "diggers" find artifacts...
...they can also L.E.A.R.N more about
the different objects they uncover.
Here's an example of a mosaic that Jungle Girl uncovered
during her first dig.
When she clicked on the L.E.A.R.N. button,
the head archeologist explained exactly what a
mosaic is.

Not only does an archeologist help kiddos
throughout their digs...
...but a couple of children from the ancient past......assistant kiddos as they explore.

To add to the fun factor,
kiddos get to participate... a variety of mini-games... Calculi.

Side note:
I have even been messing around with this software,
and when I played Calculi, I SOOOOOO lost-
but I had fun doing it! :0)

Besides digging up artifacts...
...the kiddos have to categorized...
...and analyze their different finds.

At the end of the lab,
the kiddos have to create a report
by filling in the blanks of a document with phrases
they have explored during their "time on the site."

Basically, the report is a test of their knowledge
form the game.


I believe this software is TOTALLY worth the investment of

You can explore up to six different archeological sites
while playing the game,
giving your kiddos a comprehensive view of
Ancient Rome.



If you order Roman Town by February 21, 2011,
you can use the code of TOS2011 for a 20% discount,
making the CD only $24.95!

So, head on over to Dig It! Games by clicking
HERE to get more info on this
"History IS Fun" product...


Disclaimer: I received this product free for my open and honest
review. I was not compensated in any other way.

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